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AxE - Red Sacrifice

2017-04-26 09:29:20 by AxE00



New remix! next release

2017-03-17 17:04:24 by AxE00

Zircon - Just hold on, remix by AxE00 & IL alpha team :-))

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Far Lands Track (Singers)

2017-03-05 12:17:31 by AxE00


The track "Far Lands" is almost ready. forward the singers I need;-)


2017-03-04 11:19:27 by AxE00

I need #singers ... male or female does not matter, just that you have a good voice and I'm okay :-P. I need help for a track which might become really beautiful. who's with me?

Contact me to for order a track for your game :-))

News and Information 001

2017-02-18 08:48:25 by AxE00

Watch this video please :-)


2017-02-09 13:01:20 by AxE00

MY LABEL RECORD COMPANY CLOSED (copyright issues). Open though cooperatives.

Geometry dash

2017-02-06 12:07:00 by AxE00

My profile on Geometry Dash is AxE00 .

Enjoy my level :-)

New logo...!

2017-01-29 08:54:28 by AxE00

new logo, new cover, the images to the playlist. It re-starts! ... Although I never stopped. Follow me!


2017-01-27 03:47:32 by AxE00

Cooperatives are free and include the use (by both)fl studio 11. For the flp will be passed through email. To interested please contact me here on ng to receive my private email